Worden, Al


RCA-sponsored 1971 Apollo 15 cachet First Day Cover signed by Command Module Pilot Worden



Type: Signed First Day Cover
Description: (1932-2020), Colonel USAF (Ret.), US astronaut and engineer, Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot 1971.

USMA 1955, commissioned in the Air Force. One of 19 astronauts selected by NASA in April 1966, he was Apollo 15 (July 26-Aug. 7, 1971) Command Module Pilot with spacecraft commander David R. Scott and Lunar Module pilot James B. Irwin. It was the 4th manned lunar landing mission, 1st to visit and explore the Hadley Rille and Montes Apennius on the SE edge of the Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains). Apollo 15’s achievements included the 1st EVA from a Command Module during trans-earth coast, Worden logging a 38m EVA outside Command Module “Endeavour”.

After the return of Apollo 15, it was discovered that, without authority, the crew had taken 398 commemorative postal covers to the moon, 100 sold to a German stamp dealer, profits to establish trust funds for the crew’s children. Though not illegal, and although NASA turned a blind eye to similar activities on earlier flights, NASA made an example of the crew: none flew in space again. Worden was NASA Ames Research Center Senior Aerospace Scientist 1972-73 and chief of the Systems Study Division 1973-75. In 1982, Worden ran for Congress and lost in the GOP primary; he sold some postal covers to pay campaign debts.

He received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal 1971, 1983 International Space Hall of Fame and 1997 US Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee.

4 x 9 1/4 1971 8c “United States in Space” and 8c “A Decade of Achievment” stamp pair cacheted cover postmarked “First Day of Issue”, Kennedy Space Center, August 2 1971, color RCA-sponsored cachet features portrait of the crew with lunar rover, Apollo 15 emblem and list of “RCA Contributions to the Apollo Program” with RCA red logo, signed by Worden adding “Apollo 15”.

Condition: Very good

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