Woodring, Harry W.


Clipped signature from TLS as FDR’s (2nd) Secretary of War


Autograph ID: 6420
Condition: Very good, slight crease at top left corner
Description: “(1890-1967) Governor of Kansas (D) 1931-33, Asst. Secretary of War 1933-36, Secretary of War 1936-40 (FDR). He worked in a bank then served in the Tank Corps in WW I. He was elected American Legion Kansas department commander and in 1928 entered politics. He was Kansas governor 1931-33, only Democrat elected to a statehouse office. His efforts to cut expenditures were largely blocked by Republicans, so he cut his own salary and the Highway Department, the one place Democrats controlled. He lost reelection to Alf Landon. He served as Asst. Secretary of War 1933-36, supervising procurement matters. Promoted by FDR to Secretary, served 1936-40. He projected recommendations of his predecessor for increasing the strength of the Army, National Guard and the Reserve Corps, directed revision of mobilization plans to bring personnel and procurement into balance, and stressed the need to perfect the initial (peacetime) protective force. A strict non-interventionist, he came under pressure from other cabinet members to resign in the 1st year of WW II. Interior Secretary and FDR intimate Harold Ickes met with Roosevelt at least twice to call for Woodring’s firing, but FDR was unwilling to do so, but appointed outspoken interventionist Louis A. Johnson as Woodring’s Asst. Secretary. Woodring and Johnson were immediately at odds, refusing to speak to each other. On June 20, 1940, Roosevelt fired Woodring, replacing him with long-time GOP statesman Henry Stimson. Woodring ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Kansas in 1946, and lost the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 1956.

1 3/4 x 4 1/4 clipped signature from TLS as Secretary of War and Chairman; no date but 1933-36.”
Type: Signature

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