Wilson, Woodrow and 1915 Cabinet


Two autograph album pages signed by President Wilson and his 1915 Cabinet + future Secretaries Lansing & Baker


Type: Signatures
Description: Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) Historian, academic, politician. Elected  February 1890 to the Chair of Jurisprudence and Political Economy by the Princeton University board, promoted by trustees to president June 1902, serving to 1910. New Jersey reform Governor 1911-13, US President 1913-21. His “New Freedom” domestic policies led to 17th, 18th, & 19th constitutional amendments to support direct election of senators, prohibition, and woman suffrage. He promoted tariff, antitrust, banking, and child labor law changes,  maintained neutrality in WW I until sinking of the Lusitania. Formulated 14 Points peace plan leading to Armistice to end the War, personally participated in Versailles Conference and forced European acceptance of League of Nations, ultimately not approved by the US Senate. Awarded 1919 Nobel Peace Prize. On Oct. 2, 1919, he suffered a serious stroke and was insulated by his wife, who selected matters for his attention and delegated others to his Cabinet. No one close to him, incl. his wife, his physician, or personal assistant, took responsibility to certify, as required by the Constitution, his “inability to discharge the powers and duties of the said office”. Because of this, Congress developed the 25th Amendment to control succession to the presidency in case of illness, which was ratified.

Signature while President at top of autograph album page, Washington, April 13 1915.  Under Wilson’s signature on 1st sheet are signatures of his Cabinet members : Wm. J. Bryan (Secretary of State 1913-15, dates his signature May 31, 1915, resigned June 8); Wm. G. McAdoo (Treasury, 1913-18); Lindley M. Garrison (War, 1913-16); Thomas W. Gregory (Attorney General 1914-19); Josephus Daniels (Navy, 1913-21); Albert S. Burleson (Postmaster General 1913-21); Franklin K. Lane (Interior, 1913-20); and William C. Redfield (Commerce, 1913-19). The 2nd sheet is signed by: Daniel F. Houston (Agriculture, 1913-20); William B. Wilson (Labor, 1913-21); Robert Lansing (State, 1915-20, acting Secretary June 9); and Newton D. Baker (War, 1916-21).

Condition: Very good

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