Williams, Roger Q.


Broke over water flying record in 1929, flew 1st NY-Bermuda round trip 1930



Autograph ID: 6649
Condition: Good, vertical crease between “g” and “e” in signature.
Description: (1894-1976) Pioneer aviator, author, flying instructor, engineer, technical advisor, and test pilot, flew with US Army Air Corps in WW I. In his Pathfinder aircraft with Lewis Yancey in 1929, broke the over-water flying record with non-stop flight from Maine to Spain; the 3,400 mile flight took 31h30m, and after minor repairs, the Bellanca monoplane continued on to Rome. He flew the 1st NY-Bermuda round trip 1930. Filed for bankruptcy 1937, Formed Yankee Aircraft Corporation to build his Yankee Aerocoupe airplane, ran aviation school 1931-41. US Army Air Forces colonel 1942-46. Williams wrote "Flying to the Moon and Halfway Back" in 1949. In 1971, he received a National Aviation Hall of Fame award from the OX-5 Club.

Signed 3 x 4 ½ card, adds 1936.

Type: Signed Card

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