Whitman, Christine Todd


Moderate Republican 50th Governor of New Jersey, EPA Administrator (G. W. Bush)

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Condition: Very good, slight nearly imperceptible crease at right cheek
Description: “(b. 1946) Governor of New Jersey (R) 1994-2001 (the state’s only female governor), Environmental Protection Agency Administrator under President G. W. Bush 2001-2003. Her Scottish Terrier was the mother of President Bush’s dog Barney. In 1993, she helped found the Committee for Responsible Government, an advocacy group espousing moderate positions in the Republican Party. In 1997, the CRG renamed itself the Republican Leadership Council. In 1995, Whitman became the 1st woman to deliver a State of the Union response by herself, the 1st State of the Union response given to a live audience. She took office as EPA Administrator on Jan. 31, 2001. In a 2007 interview, Whitman stated that Vice President Cheney’s insistence on easing air pollution controls led to her resignation. At the time, Cheney pushed the EPA to institute a new rule allowing power plants to make major alterations without installing costly new pollution controls. Whitman stepped down in protest against such demand by the White House. A federal court eventually overturned the rule on the ground that it violated the Clean Air Act. In early 2005, Whitman released a book “It’s My Party, Too: Taking Back the Republican Party… And Bringing the Country Together Again” in which she criticized the policies of the Bush Administration and its divisive electoral strategy. She runs the Whitman Strategy Group, a government relations consulting firm specializing in environmental and energy issues.

10 x 8 ISP, undated color satin finish bust portrait likely while EPA Administrator, nice inscription & signature in silver marker pen.”
Type: Photograph

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