White, Thomas D.


1945 card signed as Brigadier General commanding 7th Air Force on Okinawa, Cold War Air Force Chief of Staff 1957-61


Type: Signed card
Description: (1902-1965) USMA 1920, 4th USAF Chief of Staff 1957-61, helped bring the Air Force into The Space Age.

Deputy Commander of 13th Air Force in SW Pacific Sept. 1944, took part in New Guinea, Southern Philippines and Borneo campaigns, led 7th Air Force in the Marianas in June 1945 at Okinawa. In Jan. 1946, returned with 7th Air Force to Hawaii. Chief of Staff of Pacific Air Command in Tokyo, Oct. 1946, led 5th Air Force in Japan Oct. 1947. Promoted to General 1953 and Vice Chief of Staff 1953-57, Air Force Chief of Staff 1957, retired June 30, 1961.

2 x 3 1/2 card signed as “Brig. Gen USA/CG Seventh Air Force”, Okinawa, September 26 1945.

Condition: Very good

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