White, Byron R.


1977 Court Slip Opinion signed by its author, a College Football Hall of Famer and the 1938 NFL leading rusher!


Autograph ID: 6411
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1917-2002) “Whizzer”, Colorado football All-American 1937, Pittsburgh Pirates (later Steelers) NFL-leading rusher 1938 (highest paid player of the day at $15K), played for Detroit lions 1940-41; College Football Hall of Fame 1954. The NFL Players Association gives the Byron “Whizzer” White NFL Man of the Year Award to one player each year for his charity work. Befriended John F. Kennedy in the Navy in WW II, clerked for Chief Justice Vinson 1946. Ran National Citizens for Kennedy Committee 1960, RFK’s Deputy Attorney General. Associate Justice 1962-93, wrote 994 opinions on the Court. His votes and opinions reflected an often narrow, fact-specific view of cases before the Court and he generally refused to make broad pronouncements on constitutional doctrine. White was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2003 by President George W. Bush.

9 1/4 x 6 20pp Court Slip Opinion (majority opinion authored by White) in Atlas Roofing Co. v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (issued March 23 1977 ) signed on 1st page at bottom border. Signed official printed Court opinions are most uncommon!

In Atlas Roofing Co. v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (March 23 1977), The Court granted review to determine whether Congress could create a new government cause of action for civil penalties enforceable in an administrative agency where there was no jury trial. The US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit affirmed the orders of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. The Supreme Court affirmed and held that Atlas’ Seventh Amendment rights were not violated by orders of the agency finding without a jury that Atlas violated the Occupational Safety and Health Act because Congress could assign to an agency the task of adjudicating violations of the statute without a jury.”
Type: Signed Court Slip Opinion

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