Weinberger, Caspar W. “Cap”


Card signed by “Cap the Knife”, Nixon’s OMB Director and HEW Secretary, Reagan’s 1981-87 Secretary of Defense, becoming “Cap the Ladle”


Autograph ID: 6809
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1917-2006) 3rd longest-serving Defense Secretary, known for roles in the Strategic Defense Initiative program and the Iran-Contra Affair. California state GOP chairman 1962, Gov. Reagan named him to lead the Commission on California State Government Organization & Economy in 1967 and State Director of Finance in 1968. In 1970 he was named Federal Trade Commission Chairman by President Nixon, then Deputy Director (1970-72) & Director (1972-73) of the Office of Management and Budget, then his Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1973-75. VP & General Counsel of Bechtel Corp. 1975-80, his reputation as an able administrator and powers as a cost cutter earned him the sobriquet “Cap the Knife.” As Secretary of Defense under President Reagan 1981-87, he strongly advocated Reagan’s plan to increase the Pentagon budget; readiness, sustainability, and modernization were the watchwords of his tenure. In his early years at the Pentagon, he was called “Cap the Ladle” for advocating large increases in defense spending. As Secretary, he oversaw massive rebuilding of military strength, championed the B-1B bomber and the “600-ship Navy”. He pushed for large increases in the nuclear weapons arsenal and strongly advocated the controversial Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”), a space-based missile defense shield. He participated in the transfer of anti-tank missiles to Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair. By 1987, the disclosure of the Iran-Contra Affair and increasing difficulties with Defense budgets led to his resignation. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1987 and was indicted by Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh, who charged him with lying to the Iran-Contra independent counsel. He was pardoned by President George H.W. Bush after Bush failed to win a 2nd term.

Signed white 3 x 5 card”
Type: Signed card

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