Washington, Bushrod


1817 ALS of Justice Washington, asking for a copy of Col. William Washington’s mortgage for evidence in a lawsuit


Type: Letter
Description: (1762-1829) Nephew and executor of George Washington, inherited Mount Vernon on death of Martha Washington. Associate Justice 1799-1829, Chief Justice Marshall’s strongest supporter. Although a slaveholder, he was lifetime President of the American Colonization Society which encouraged voluntary emancipation of slaves and there resettlement in Africa.

10 x 8 ALS while Associate Justice, Mount Vernon, January 28 1817,  to William Bernard, Mansfield, Spotsylvania (Virginia). Justice Washington has written Mr. Fox for a copy of Col. (William) Washington’s mortgage to Bernard and has earned that the deed was was never recorded. As a result, Washington cannot get a copy to use as an exhibit and the original must be produced. As Bushrod Washington is prosecuting the suit against Beverley for Bernard’s advantage, he trusts Bernard will do everything in his power to enable Bushrod to obtain as early a decree as possible. With integral address leaf.

Col. William Washington (1752–1810) 2nd cousin of George Washington.  Continental Army cavalry officer during the American Revolution, he held final rank of brigadier general after the War. Primarily a commander of light dragoons, he led mounted troops in a number of notable battles in the Carolinas in the 1780-81 campaigns. He settled in So. Carolina after the War where he died.

Condition: Very good, usual folds, barely legible pencil note on address leaf in unknown hand.

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