Urso, Camilla


French-born violinist, one of the finest violinists of the 2nd half of the 19th century


Condition: Very Good
Description: (1840-1902) French-born violin child prodigy, considered as one of the finest violinists of the latter half of the 19th century.

Her interest in the violin began supposedly when she heard a violin solo played during the Mass for St. Cecilia during mass at her father’s church, and began taking violin lessons at 6. She debuted a year after studying, playing a piece called “de Beriot’s Seventh Air Varie”. Camilla studied at the Paris Conservatory for 3 years, 1849-52. She was not accepted into the Conservatory right away, being a year too young to audition. Also, the only females then accepted into the Conservatory were allowed to study harmony, piano, organ, harp keyboard harmony, and solfege only. She competed against 76 boys for 9 spots open in the violin class in front of a panel of musicians, including Alard, Auber, Caraffa and Rossini. In 1852 in the annual student competition she won 3rd place certificates of merit in solfege and violin (Viotti’s Violin Concerto No. 24), 1st female student at the Conservatory to win a prize on violin.

In 1852 she appeared in New York with her own company of assisting artists, including her father on flute and debuted at Metropolitan Hall to great acclaim. Urso later appeared in Boston, Philadelphia, and other US cities, exceedingly successful, especially in concerts with Alboni and Sontag. In 1855 she and her parents established a residence in Nashville. Urso played with the Philharmonic Society in Boston in 1863, and later that same year with the New York Philharmonic. In 1863–64 she toured New England with Patrick S. Gilmore’s band and toured Canada 1864–65, then appeared to great acclaim in Paris.

For the next 30 years she toured the US, Australia South Africa and elsewhere. She stopped performing in 1895 and lived in New York, where she taught privately and at the National Conservatory of Music.

Autograph Sentiment (“Compliments of”) Signed on 3 x 4 piece, adds year 1895

Type: Autograph Sentiment Signed

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