Tibbets, Paul W. (ON HOLD)


V-J Day cover with patriotic cachet signed by the “Enola Gay” Hiroshima atomic bomb mission pilot


Type: Signed cover
Description: (1915-2007) Pilot of the “Enola Gay” which dropped 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, Aug. 6, 1945. Led 340th Bomb Squadron, 97th Heavy Bomb Group, flying B-17 Flying Fortresses 1942. Piloted lead bomber on 1st Eighth Air Force bombing mission in Europe Aug. 1943, flew Mediterranean Theater combat missions, returned to US to test fly B-29 Superfortresses. Selected to command 509th Composite Group, in connection with Manhattan Project’s Sept. 1944 “Project Alberta”. On Aug. 5, 1945, Col. Tibbets formally named B-29 #44-86292 “Enola Gay” after his mother. On Aug. 6, 1945, “Enola Gay” departed Tinian in the Marianas with Tibbets at the controls for Hiroshima. The atomic bomb, code named “Little Boy”, was dropped over Hiroshima at 8:15am local time. Brigadier General 1959, retired 1966.

Frameable 3 ¾ x 6 ½ patriotic cover stamped with US 3c Iwo Jima stamp, postmarked Richardville, Virginia, September 2 1945, V-J Day (Victory over Japan, day of Japan’s surrender to Allied forces), signed by Tibbets. Cover has neatly printed address. Cachet is a “wanted” poster depicting a Japanese soldier’s face with dated wording and in red lettering at top states: “They Did It Again/This is V-J Day/Japan surrenders to/ England, Russia, China and/the United States of America”. The cover’s cachet depiction is typical of such war-time envelopes.

Condition: Very good

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