Taft, William H.




Autograph ID: 6409
Condition: Very good, light center fold, small tape remnant at top center with tiny fold split, tiny tape remnnants/stains at right edge and lower left
Description: “(1857-1930) 27th President of the US 1909-13, 10th Chief Justice of the United States 1921-1930, only person to have held both offices. Taft, a Republican, served on the Superior Court of Cincinnati in 1887. He was appointed US Solicitor General 1890 and a US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit judge 1891. In 1900, President McKinley appointed him Governor-General of the Philippines. In 1904, Theodore Roosevelt appointed him Secretary of War to groom Taft, his close political ally, as his successor. Taft took a prominent role, assuming at times the role of acting Secretary of State, declining repeated offers from TR to serve on the Supreme Court. Taft won an easy victory in his 1908 presidential bid. His domestic agenda emphasized trust-busting, civil service reform, strengthening the Interstate Commerce Commission, improving postal service performance, and passage of the 16th Amendment. He sought further economic development in Latin America and Asia through “Dollar Diplomacy”, and showed decisiveness and restraint in response to revolution in Mexico. Oblivious to political ramifications of his decisions, he alienated his key constituencies, and was overwhelmingly defeated for re-election in 1912. After leaving office, Taft spent his time in academia, arbitration, and the search for world peace. He was named Kent Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School from April 1, 1913. In 1921, President Harding appointed him Chief Justice of the United States, eff. July 21, serving until shortly before his 1930 death.

Grey, 3 x 8 1/4 partly-printed DS completed in another hand, January 27 1921, New Haven, Conn., The Second National Bank of New Haven check #6003, paying $20.16 to the New York, New Haven & Hartford Rail Road Co., boldly signed by Taft, his name printed at left side. Uncommon Taft check!”
Type: Check

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