Szold, Henrietta


The future founder of Hadassah to a Philadelphia Jewish jurist on promoting sales of a book of Eastern European Yiddish folk tales


Autograph ID: 7116
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1860-1945) American Zionist leader, founder and President of Hadassah 1912-26 (largest Zionist organization in the world), Secretary of Federation of American Zionists 1910, Secretary of the Jewish Publication Society of America 1893-1916. Elected to Executive Council of World Zionist Organization 1927, Director of Youth Aliyah Agency 1934, founded many hospitals in Palestine.

TLS in English on The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia 9 ½ x 6 letterhead, September 28 1906, to Hon. Mayer Sulzberger, Philadelphia, her JPSA “boss”. Szold sends (included herewith) a “list of the gentlemen [all non-Jewish men of letters] to whom a copy of the Perez volume [most likely Isaac Loeb Perez’s 1906 “Stories and Pictures”, a book of Eastern European Yiddish tales] has been sent, together with a personal letter urging it upon their attention.” While a Mr. Hawthorne (possibly Julian, author son of Nathaniel Hawthorne) is not on the list, a copy of the book and a letter will be sent to him. She adds that Dr. Zangwill (likely Israel Zangwill, English Jewish writer who coined the term “Melting Pot” to describe America’s absorption of immigrants) has been sent a copy of Prof. Wiener’s (possibly Leonard Wiener) book. With a facsimile signed printed form letter from Szold to Louis Edward Levy of the Jewish Branch of the National Liberal Immigration League, Phila., asking him to fill out a form revising the year 5661 (1900-01) entry of his organization (photocopy of form included) for inclusion in the 5668 (1907-08) edition. At the conclusion, she pens “chatima tovah” in Hebrew (“may your final sealing [in the Book of Life] be good”, a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) sentiment, the holiday celebrated 2 days later). 4 items total.

MAYER SULZBERGER (1843-1923), Philadelphia jurist, a founder of YMHA, Chairman of Jewish Publication Society of America from 1888. An original trustee of the Baron de Hirsch Fund, notable book collector (his collection at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in NYC).”
Type: Letter

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