Supreme Court of the United States 1968-69


1968 Oliver W. Holmes Jr. stamp FDC signed by the 9 members of the last “Warren Court”


Autograph ID: 2147
Condition: Very Good
Description: “Earl Warren (1891-1974, Chief Justice 1953-69); Hugo Black (1886- 1971, Assoc. Justice 1937-71); William O. Douglas (1898-1980, Assoc. Justice 1939-75); William J. Brennan (1906-97, Assoc. Justice 1956-91); Potter Stewart (1915-85, Assoc. Justice 1958-81); Byron White (1917-2002, Assoc. Justice 1962-93); Thurgood Marshall 1908-93, Assoc. Justice 1967-91); John M. Harlan (1899-1971, Assoc. Justice 1955-71); Abe Fortas (1910-82, Assoc. Justice 1965-69).

Two of this Court's important decisions were: "Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District" (1969) – the Court, in majority oipinion by Justice Fortas, held that wearing of black armbands by students protesting the Vietnam War was "closely akin" to the "pure speech" protected by the First Amendment; "Stanley v. Georgia" (1969) – Justice Marshall's opinion for the Court held that the Constitution protects a person's right to read anything in the privacy of his home, including obscene materials.

Signed 3 ¾ x 6 ½ 1968 US 15c Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. stamp cacheted envelope postmarked Washington, D.C., March 8, 1968 and “First Day of Issue”, signed by the entire 1968-69 Supreme Court: Chief Justice Warren and Associate Justices Black, Brennan, Douglas, Harlan, Stewart, Fortas, Marshall and White.”

Type: First Day Cover

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