Stuart, Alexander H. H.


Card signed by Fillmore’s Interior Secretary, instrumental in restoring Virginia to the Union in 1870


Autograph ID: 5676
Condition: Very good, mount remnants on verso
Description: “(1807-1891) Virginia Whig US Rep 1841-43, Secretary of the Interior (Fillmore) 1850-53. Virginia Senate 1857-61, member of 1861 state secession convention. Special delegation of Stuart, William B. Preston and George W. Randolph, traveled to Washington and met with President Lincoln on April 12. Finding the President firm in his resolve to hold Federal forts in the South, they returned to Richmond on the 15th. He presented his credentials as Member-elect to 39th Congress in 1865 but was not seated. Chairman of the Committee of Nine instrumental in restoring Virginia to the Union in 1870. Member of Virginia General Assembly 1874-77, Rector of University of Virginia 1874-82.
2 1/2 x 3 3/4 card signed as “Alex. H. H. Stuart”, undated.”
Type: Signed Card

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