Strong, William


Card Signed as Associate Justice


Autograph ID: 4328
Condition: Very good, minor staining at corners from prior mounting, few stray minor marks
Description: “(1808-1895) Connecticut-born, settled in Reading, Penna. and opened law office. Anti-slavery Dem. US Rep 1847-51. Pennsylvania jurist 1857-68, became Republican before Civil War and a Philadelphia lawyer. Associate Justice 1870-1880, wrote Courts May 1871 opinion establishing paper money as legal tender. He also wrote Court opinion that Blacks had a constitutional right not to be discriminated against in selection of jurors. He was a reluctant member of the 1877 Election Commission and consistently voted with his Republican colleagues in support of Hayes. A devout Presbyterian, he spent his retirement engaged in religious affairs. He presided over a group to secure amendments to the Constitution to recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as the ruler of all nations, and his revealed will as the supreme law of the land. VP of the American Bible Society 1871-95, president of the American Tract Society 1873-95, and president of the American Sunday School Union 1883-95.
2 x 3 -½ card noted “Autograph” in his hand and signed adding title Associate Justice S.C. U. S., undated but 1870-80.”
Type: Signed Card

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