Stevens, John Paul


First Day Cover signed in person while Associate Justice


Autograph ID: 5986
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1920-2019) Assoc. Justice 1975-2010. At his retirement, he was the oldest member of the Court and the 3rd longest serving justice in Court history. Clerked for Justice Rutledge during the 1947–48 term after graduation from Northwestern University Law school in 1947. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge 1970 until appointed to the Court. When Harry Blackmun retired in 1994, Stevens became Senior Associate Justice and assumed administrative duties of the Court whenever the post of Chief was vacant or the Chief Justice was unable to perform his duties. Stevens performed the duties of Chief Justice in September 2005, between the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist and the swearing-in of new Chief Justice John Robets, and presided over oral arguments on a number of occasions when the Chief Justice was ill or recused himself.
3 3/4 x 6 1/2 1979 US 50c America’s Light Sustained by Love of Liberty stamp cacheted FDC signed by Justice Stevens in person at the American Bar Association Convention in San Francisco, August 10, 1992. ”
Type: First Day Cover

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