Spaatz, Carl A.


One of 1st Army pilots, led USAAF in Europe, developed daylight bombing strategy against Germany, 1st Air Force Chief of Staff 1947-48


Autograph ID: 5783
Condition: Very good, 2 mail folds, light crease at very bottom
Description: “(1891-1974) One of Army’s 1st 26 pilots in 1916, set 1929 endurance record with co-pilot Ira Eaker in “Question Mark”. USAAF Deputy Commander under Hap Arnold July 1941, led Air Forces Combat Command after January 1942, ran Western Desert Air Forces February 1943. Developed daylight bombing strategy for Germany, led USAAF in Europe from December 1943, given 4th star March 1945. Led final air assault on Japan. Commanded USAF 1946, 1st Chief of Staff of independent USAF 1947-48.

10 1/2 x 8 TLS as General, USAF (Retired), Washington, October 12 1948, to a New York collector. General Spaatz has just received his August 19th letter forwarded from LIFE Magazine, is glad he enjoyed the articles and greatly appreciates his comments. In a Life Magazine article appearing a few days before the Joint Chiefs of Staff were to meet at Newport, Rhode Island, in August 1948, Spaatz opined that the Navy’s plan for atomic-capable aircraft carriers was unnecessary, a costly duplication of land-based strategic strike forces. His words fell on deaf ears at Newport, where the Navy gained reassurance of at least a collateral role in strategic air operations including planning for the use of atomic weapons.”
Type: Letter

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