Smith, Margaret Chase


1967 letter of advice to a constituent seeking a US Capitol job, suggests he contact a Democrat!

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Type: Letter
Description: (1898-1995) Maine US Rep. & Senator 1940-72, 1st woman nominated for President (1964), denounced McCarthyism.

TLS, 10 x 8 US Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences letterhead as Ranking Minority Member, Washington, January 16 1967, to a constituent seeking a position in the Capitol Building. She thanks him for kind words on her reelection, adding: “As this is a Democratic Administration and you were a supporter of Represntative Kyros, you may find it more effective if you contacted him with respect to a position at the Capitol Building.” Peter N. Kyros (1925-2012) Maine (D) US Rep 1967-75.

Condition: Very Good, slight creasing at lower right

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