Schweickart, Rusty


Emmy Award-Winning Apollo 9 Lunar Module pilot



Autograph ID: 6664
Condition: Very good
Description: “(b. 1935) US astronaut from October 1963, in 3rd group selected. Spent just over 241 hours in space as Lunar Module pilot on 1969 Apollo 9 mission with mission commander Jim McDivitt and Command Module Pilot Dave Scott. This was the 1st manned test of the Apollo lunar module. Schweickart was to perform an EVA, first of the Apollo program, to test the Portable Life Support System used to walk on the Moon. He suffered from space sickness on the first day in orbit forcing the postponement of the EVA. Eventually he performed a standup EVA outside the Lunar Module while Scott stood up in the hatch of the Command Module. Schweickart was backup commander for 1st Skylab space station mission in spring 1973. Following loss of the space station’s thermal shield during launch, he was responsible for development of hardware and procedures for erecting emergency solar shade and deploying jammed solar array wing, operations that saved the space station. Awarded NASA Distinguished Service Medal, and NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 1973. Received 1969 Emmy Award for transmission of 1st live tv pictures from outer space.
Signed white 3 x 5 card”
Type: Signed card

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