Schmitt, Harrison “Jack” (ON HOLD)


Apollo 17 scientist-astronaut, 12th Moonwalker


Autograph ID: 6665
Condition: Very Good
Description: “(B. 1935) Geologist, NASA astronaut 1965-75, most recent living person to have walked on the Moon on Apollo 17, 1-term New Mexico US Senator (R, 1977-83). He was 1st member of NASA’s 1st scientist-astronaut group to fly in space, 12th person to walk on the Moon, only professional scientist to have flown beyond low Earth orbit and to have visited the Moon. Before starting his own preparations for an Apollo mission, was one of the scientists training Apollo astronauts chosen to visit the lunar surface. Following his selection, Schmitt spent his 1st year learning to become a jet pilot. Upon his return to Houston, he played a key role in training Apollo crews to be geologic observers when in lunar orbit and competent geologic field workers on the lunar surface. In March 1970 he became the first of the scientist-astronauts to be assigned to space flight, joining Richard Gordon Jr. and Vance Brand on the Apollo 15 backup crew. Flight rotation put them in line to fly as prime crew on Apollo 18. When Apollo 18 & 19 were canceled in Sept. 1970, lunar geologists supporting Apollo felt the need to land a professional geologist on the Moon and pressured NASA to reassign Schmitt to a remaining flight. As a result, Schmitt was assigned in August 1971 to fly on the last mission, Apollo 17, replacing Joe Engle as Lunar Module Pilot and he landed on the Moon with commander Gene Cernan (Ron Evans remaining in the Command Module) in December 1972. On the lunar surface, geologist Schmitt collected the rock sample designated Troctolite 76535, the central piece of evidence suggesting that the Moon once possessed an active magnetic field. In the US Senate he was the ranking GOP member of the Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee. Following his Senate term, Schmitt has been a consultant in business, geology, space, and public policy. He chaired the NASA Advisory Council 2005-2008.

Inscribed & signed card adds “Apollo 17””
Type: Signed card

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