Schaefer, Vincent J. (ON HOLD)


General Electric chemist, developed artificial snow and cloud-seeding to produce rain


Type: Autograph Sentiment Signed
Description: (1906-1993) Self-taught chemist who invented cloud “seeding” and created the first artificially induced snow and rainfall. In 1932 began work with Irving Langmuir, scientist at the GE Research Laboratory (awarded Nobel Prize in 1932 for his work in surface chemistry). In 1940 Schaefer developed method to make replicas of individual snowflakes using a thin plastic coating. In 1943 the focus of Schaefer’s and Langmuir’s research shifted to precipitation static, aircraft icing, ice nuclei, and cloud physics. In the summer of 1946 Schaefer developed a laboratory method to seed supercooled clouds with dry ice, and in November 1946 he seeded a natural cloud by airplane.

His developments aided immeasurably in improving farmers’ crop production by producing rainfall to prevent drought, and enabled skiers (and ski resort owners) to enjoy a long and productive season!

Condition: Very Good

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