Rowe Jr., James H.


1943 DS of the New Deal lawyer & Democratic Party strategist as assistant to Attorney General Biddle, terminating an FBI employee



Autograph ID: 6843
Condition: Very good, light overall toning
Description: “(1909-1984) Montana-born lawyer and New Dealer who was selected by President Truman to work on the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, commonly known as the Hoover Commission. He was a Democratic Party political strategist best known for his memo to Truman on re-election strategy. He was an advisor to both LBJ and Hubert Humphrey. He received an AB and LLB from Harvard and was secretary to Justice O. W. Holmes Jr. In 1935, he moved to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation as a legal advisor, and spent most of the rest of 1935-39 moving from one New Deal agency to another before he was FDR’s 1939-41 Administrative Assistant. Rowe was a member of the US Naval Reserve and asst. to Attorney General Biddle 1941-45. After the war, he moved to the Bureau of the Budget, working with Director James E. Webb to balance the US budget. From there, he moved to the Hoover Commission, ensuring that its final report would be delayed until after the 1948 election. He was a member of the 6-man legal team that fought in September 1948 to get Lyndon Johnson on the ballot as the Democratic candidate for the US Senate from Texas; the other 5 were Abe Fortas, Thomas G. “Tommy the Cork” Corcoran, former US Attorney General Francis Biddle, Joseph L. Rauh Jr., and Benjamin V. Cohen. Rowe continued public sector employment during the Truman years, ending up in the State Dept. Rowe later returned to the private sector and resumed law practice, maintaining his activism in the Democratic Party. In 1960, he was LBJ’s campaign manager in his bid to get the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination, and was Hubert Humphrey’s campaign manager in 1968. Rowe was a member of Harvard’s Board of Overseers 1965-71.

TLS on 10 x 8 Department of Justice letterhead, Washington, April 1 1943, signed with printed signature of Attorney General Francis Biddle, notifying an FBI assistant clerk-typist of the termination of her services at the close of that day, signed by Rowe at lower left as assistant to the Attorney General.”
Type: Letter

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