Rosendahl, Charles E. (ON HOLD)


US Navy airship advocate, commanded “Los Angeles” & “Akron”, Lakehurst CO 1934-38



Autograph ID: 3153
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1892-1977) US Navy advocate of lighter-than-air flight. USNA 1914, engineering instructor at the Naval Academy 1921-1923, then to the Naval Air Station at Lakehurst, New Jersey, to be trained in airship operation. Designated Naval Aviator in Nov. 1924, LCDR Rosendahl served in dirigible “Shenandoah”, and distinguished himself by successfully bringing part of the shattered airship safely to earth after she broke up in the air Sept. 3, 1925 over Ohio. Executive Officer, and later Commanding Officer, of dirigible “Los Angeles”, and took part in long-range flights on German commercial airship “Graf Zeppelin”. To Bureau of Aeronautics in Washington 1930, commanded new dirigible “Akron” 1931-32. Commanding Officer of NAS Lakehurst mid-1934-38, and served as official observer on the German airship “Hindenburg”, present on the night of May 6, 1937 when “Hindenburg” burst into flames. Executive Officer of light cruiser Milwaukee 1938-40. Two years of Navy Department duty followed, largely involving Navy’s growing lighter-than-air effort. Capt. Rosendahl commanded heavy cruiser “Minneapolis” late 1942-early 1943, receiving the Navy Cross for his saving that ship after she was torpedoed off Guadalcanal, at end of Nov. 1942. Rear Admiral May 1943, Chief of Naval Airship Training through end of WW II and into the post-war era. Retired as VADM Nov. 1946, devoted much of rest of his life to the advocacy of lighter-than-air flight.

3 ½ x 5 ½ B&W postcard photo of rigid airship “Los Angeles” flying over uncompleted dock at Akron Airport Dec. 1929, signed “C. E. Rosendahl” on image of the airship.”
Type: Photograph

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