Romulo, Carlos P. (ON HOLD)


1969 TLS as Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs to “Meet The Press” founder-moderator Lawrence E. Spivak


Autograph ID: 6625
Condition: Very Good, 2 normal mail folds
Description: “(1899-1987) Filipino diplomat, statesman, soldier, university president, journalist, author of 22 books (named one of the Philippines’ National Artists in Literature), a co-founder of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

During the Commonwealth era, he was Resident Commissioner (non-voting delegate) to the US House of Representatives. When Japan attacked the Philippines in 1941, he became an aide-de-camp to General MacArthur on Corregidor Island and his broadcasts became widely known as the “Voice of Freedom.” After Japan captured Corregidor, Romulo went with MacArthur to Australia and then joined the Philippine government-in-exile of President Quezon in Washington, D.C., as Secretary of Information. He was a general in the US Army and the Philippine Army. When they waded in at Leyte beach in October 1944, word went out that MacArthur was waist deep; one of Romulo’s journalist friends cabled, “If MacArthur was in water waist deep, Romulo must have drowned!”

He was the 1st non-American to win the Pulitzer Prize in Correspondence in 1942 for his prewar evaluations of the military situation in the Pacific area. He returned to the Philippines with US forces in 1945. He was the signatory for the Philippines to the United Nations Charter when it was founded in 1945. In his career in the United Nations, Romulo was a strong advocate of human rights, freedom and decolonization. He served as President of the UN General Assembly for its Fourth Session 1949-50, first Asian to hold the position, and was president of the UN Security Council twice in 1957, in 1980 and 1981.

He was Secretary of Foreign Affairs under 8 Philippine presidents, from Quezon to Marcos and as Ambassador to the US and to the UN. He was the Philippines’ Secretary (Minister 1973-84) of Foreign Affairs under 8 Presidents, from Quezon to Marcos and also served as Secretary of Education to Presidents Macapagal and Marcos. Romulo is perhaps among the most decorated Filipinos in history with 72 honorary degrees from international institutions and universities and 144 awards and decorations from foreign countries.

TLS on 9 1/2 x7 letterhead as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Manila, January 8 1969, thanking Lawrence E. Spivak for his congratulatory message on Romulo’s appointment again as Secretary, noting his reluctance to accept the President’s appeal but believes it his duty as a loyal Filipino to do accept.

LAWRENCE E. SPIVAK (1900-1994) Publisher and journalist, best known as the co-founder, producer and host of the prestigious public affairs program “Meet The Press. He and journalist Martha Rountree founded the program as promotion for Spivak’s magazine, “The American Mercury” and it became the longest-running continuous network series in television history. During his 28 years as panelist and moderator, Spivak was known for his pointed questioning of policy makers.”
Type: Letter

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