Rockwell, Norman


1966 TLS sending his autograph, “believe it or not”!  



Type: Letter
Description: (1894-1978) One of America’s most beloved artists, left timeless legacy of nostalgic, endearing, whimsical paintings that appealingly and insightfully depict simple, and often idyllic, scenes from daily life. After illustrating a series of children’s books at 16, Rockwell was hired to be the art director of “Boys’ Life,” official publication of the Boy Scouts of America. Six years later, he sold his 1st cover to the most prestigious magazine of the era, the “Saturday Evening Post.” Over the next 47 years, he created 321 covers for the “Post,” which became synonymous with his name. Later, he worked for “Look” magazine, addressing more serious issues of civil rights, poverty and space exploration.

TLS on his 8 x 6 personal Stockbridge, Massachusetts letterhead, October 11 1966, to a Yonkers, New York collector. Rockwell thanks him for his letter and adds: “…here, believe it or not, is my autograph.” With 2000 Corcoran Gallery of art, Washington DC Rockwell exhibit brochure with several images of Rockwell’s “greatest hits”. With envelope. Frameable!

Condition:  Very good

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