Reagan, Ronald; Ford, Gerald R.; Carter, Jimmy; Nixon, Richard M. (ON HOLD)


Historic signed 1981 “Four Presidents” color photograph



Type: Signed photograph

Description: Reagan (1911-2004), President 1981-89; Ford (1913-2006) President 1974-77; Carter (b. 1924), President 1977-81; Nixon (1913-1994) President 1969-74.

SP, 10 x 8 color satin finish portrait of Presidents Reagan, Ford, Carter and Nixon at the White House before Ford, Nixon and Carter left for Cairo to attend the funeral of assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sadat at the behest of President Reagan. All four sign at the lower white border. Sadat’s funeral was attended by a record number of dignitaries from around the world, including a rare simultaneous attendance by 3 former US presidents: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.

Condition: Very good

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