Powers, Hiram

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First great American sculptor, many of his works in the US Capitol’s Statuary Hall



Autograph ID: 5960
Condition: Very good, very slight thin spots above and below “P”, minor mount remnants verso
Description: “(1805-1873) American neoclassical sculptor. After thoroughly studying the art of modeling and casting, at the end of 1834 he went to Washington and was famed for his busts of Jackson, Calhoun, Marshall, Webster, etc., many in the US Capitol. In 1837 he settled in Florence, where he remained till his death. In 1843 he produced his celebrated statue “The Greek Slave” (at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington), which placed among the leading sculptors of his time. Exhibited at the center of the Crystal Palace Exhibition, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a sonnet on it. The sculpture became an abolitionist symbol and copies of it appeared in many Union-supporting state houses. Among the best known of his other ideal statues are “The Fisher Boy”, “Il Penseroso”, “Proserpine”, “California”, “America” (modeled for the Crystal Palace, Sydenham), and “The Last of the Tribe” (also called “The Last of Her Tribe”). His 1st solo show was in 1842 in Cincinnati, when Nicholas Longworth opened his home to allow the public to view Powers’ newest sculptures.

3 -3/4 x 5- 1/2 frameable signed album page, adds Rome (Italy),October 7 1860.

Type: Signed Album Page

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