Paulding, James K.


LS as Van Buren's Navy Secretary, prominent New York writer of the 1st half of the 19th century


Autograph ID: 6713
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1778-1860) New York writer, associated with Washington Irving in publication of humorous periodical “Salamagundi” 1807-08, pub. “Diverting History of John Bull and Brother Jonathan” 1812 & “The United States and England” 1815 on English criticisms of America. Prominent in literary war with English writers, pub. “A Sketch of Old England” 1822 and burlesque “John Bull in America” 1825. Urged use of native American material in literature, as in 1818 poem “The Backwoodsman”, and novels “Koningsmarke” 1823, “Westward Ho!” 1832, “The Old Continental” 1846, and play “The Lion of the West” 1831. Secretary of the Navy 1838-41 (Van Buren).

10 x 8 LS as Secretary, Navy Department (Washington DC), July 15 1840, to Mr. Henry Johnson & Mr. A. Foster of Boston regarding their discharges. If they were among those transferred from the “Columbia” and “John Adams” to the receiving ship “Columbus”, and if they had less than a year to serve, their discharge in all probability has been given them.”
Type: Letter

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