Nixon, Richard M.


1965 TLS in his “private years” asking to meet with a prominent Illinois Jewish Republican in Nixon’s New York office


Type: Letter
Description: (1913-1994) Controversial politician, California US Rep 1947-50 & Senator 1950-53, VP 1953-61. 1960 GOP presidential candidate, President 1969-74, resigned in Watergate scandal; author.

TLS “Dick Nixon” on his 10 ½ x 7 ¼ 20 Broad Street, New York City letterhead, December 13 1965, to General Julius Klein, Chicago. Nixon tells General Klein that as he will be in New York most of January, if Klein is in NYC then he hopes they can get together for a visit. Rose Mary Woods will set up a mutually convenient time if Klein will let her know when he will be in New York.

Julius Klein (1901–1984) Chicago-born US Army Major General. His parents were Austrian Jews who relocated to Berlin during Klein’s childhood. Interned in Germany during WW I, he escaped to France, joined the US Army and became a spy. In the 20s he was a criminal reporter for Hearst’s Chicago newspaper, The State Herald, and began the 1st US German language radio broadcasts. He unsuccessfully ran for Congress as Republican in 1932, and for the US Senate in 1954.

In 1933 Klein joined the Illinois National Guard, Lieut. Colonel 1941. He formulated the Combat Public Relations plan dealing with psychological warfare and propaganda while stationed in the Philippines and originated the South Pacific edition of The Stars and Stripes military newspaper. Klein later worked as a journalist for the Chicago Herald-Examiner, published his own periodical (The National Free Press), and conducted domestic intelligence gathering and spy operations for Illinois Gov. Henry Horner and Col. (later General) Geo. C. Marshall. During WW II, he handled public relations for Generals MacArthur and Richardson in the South Pacific. In 1947, he was elected National Commander, Jewish War Veterans and on April 4, 1948, organized an enormous JWV parade down New York City’s Fifth Avenue in support for establishment of the State of Israel. He commanded the 109th AAA Brigade ING, the only Illinois National Guard Unit to see active service in Korea. A convivial Republican with bipartisan connections, he was a key figure in a 1966 Senate investigation into whether Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D) of Connecticut had improperly used his influence for Mr. Klein’s benefit.

Rose Mary Woods (1917-2005) Richard Nixon’s secretary from his congressional days through his presidency and the end of his political career, was Nixon’s “gatekeeper.” She moved from NE Ohio to Washington in 1943, met Nixon while she was a secretary to the Select House Committee on Foreign Aid and accepted his job offer in 1951. She developed a very close relationship with the Nixon family. Fiercely loyal to Nixon, Woods claimed responsibility in a 1974 grand jury testimony for inadvertently erasing up to 5 minutes of the 18-½ minute gap in a June 20, 1972 audio tape (what the press dubbed the “Rose Mary Stretch”)

Condition: Very good, slight partial punch hole cuts at top edge will mat out.

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