Menninger, Dr. Karl A.


Pioneer American psychiatrist & prominent author in the field



Autograph ID: 1574
Condition: Very good, scant mount remnants at two corners, very slightly uneven at top
Description: “(1893–1990) American psychiatrist, conceived the idea of collecting many specialists in one center, founded The Menninger Clinic in Topeka in 1919 with father, Charles Frederick; in 1925 they were joined by brother William. Created Menninger Foundation 1941 for research, training, and public education in psychiatry, which became a US psychiatric and psychoanalytic center. At end of WW II, instrumental in founding Winter Veterans Administration Hospital, Topeka, which functioned as a mental hospital and then the center of the largest psychiatric training program in the world. Authored influential books inc. The Human Mind, where he argued that psychiatry was a science and that the mentally ill were only slightly different than healthy individuals. In The Crime of Punishment, argued that crime was preventable through pyschiatric treatment, punishment was a brutal and inefficient relic of the past, and advocated treating offenders like the mentally ill. Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom 1981.

In person signature on 3 x 5 notepaper, three tiny binder holes at left, adds Salt Lake City, Sept. 3, 1936. Collector has neatly typed identification, place & date where signature obtained, Menninger lecture on “The Problem child” at Utah Medical Convention.”
Type: Signature

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