McNarney, Joseph T.


Army aviator, Deputy Chief of Staff under Geo. C. Marshall, led US forces in Mediterranean Theater & US occupation forces in Germany


Autograph ID: 5881
Condition: Very good, a thin line has been penned above his signature so no one could add any content above his signature
Description: “(1893-1972) USMA 1915 (“the class the stars fell on”), rmy Air Forces (later Air Force) General, postwar Military Governor of Germany. To France 1917 as assistant to 1st Corps Aeronautical School, joined Air Service HQ Jan. 1918. Led 1st Aero Squadron flights in Toulon sector, led Air Corps in St. Mihiel offensive and 5th Corps in Meuse-Argonne offensive. Brigadier General April 1941, after Pearl Harbor attack served on the Roberts Commission which investigated actions of Army and Navy commanders in Hawaii. Promoted to Major General Jan. 1942, named to the War Department Reorganization Board. Deputy Army Chief of Staff in March, promoted to Lieutenant General in June. While Army Deputy Chief of Staff under General George C. Marshall (called “Marshall’s Right Arm”), he developed the anti-submarine warfare plan and instructed General Arnold to organize Army Air Forces Anti-submarine Command to attack hostile submarines “wherever they may be operating.” This eventually destroyed the German hold on sea lanes. To Europe as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean Theater and Commanding General, US Army Forces, Mediterranean Theater Oct. 1944. Full General March 1945, acting Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater in Sept. Commanding General of US Forces in Europe (succeeding Eisenhower) and Commander-in-Chief, US Forces of Occupation in Germany in Nov. Commanded Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB Oct. 1947-Sept. 1949, Chief of Department of Defense’s Management Committee to Jan. 31, 1952 retirement.

War date signed front of a 2 1/4 x 3 3/4 envelope (like a small card), typed identification as Lieutenant General, US Army and Deputy Chief of Staff (June 1942-Oct. 1944).”
Type: Signed Envelope

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