McLane, Louis


1833 LS as Jackson’s Treasury Secretary



Autograph ID: 2936
Condition: Good, light staining at lower corners and right side; top left corner nick; one fold start top left
Description:“(1786-1857) Delaware Federalist US Rep 1817-27, friend of Wm. H. Crawford, Andrew Jackson & Martin Van Buren (his mentor and advocate), US Senator 1827-29. Minister to England 1829-31 (personal secretary was Washington Irving), opened up US-British West Indies trade. When Jackson purged his Cabinet of Calhoun supporters, appointed McLane Secretary of the Treasury 1831-33. Major issues confronting him were tariff rates and status of the Second Bank of the United States. Recognizing difference of opinion with Jackson over the Bank, sought to work out plan with Nicholas Biddle for upcoming renewal of Bank’s charter in return for retirement of national debt, key objective of the President. Jackson removed Bank issue from McLane’s purview, and when McLane refused to remove governments deposits from the Bank, Jackson replaced him and named McLane Secretary of State in a recess appointment, serving May 29, 1833-June 30, 1834. Managed Department’s 1st major reorganization, established 7 new bureaus, managed dispute with France, the “Spoliation Claims” (in 1832 France agreed to reimburse US for certain shipping losses incurred during Napoleonic Wars, funds never appropriated). Jackson, impatient to resolve the issue, worked with McLane to develop hard line policy with France. VP Van Buren, without consulting McLane, intervened directly and convinced Jackson to give France more time. McLane, furious with his old mentor, resigned, ending their friendship. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad president to 1848, took leave of absence 1845-46 as Polk’s Minister to England, coordinating negotiations over Oregon boundary.

Partly printed 10 x 8 LS during his tumultuous waning days as Treasury Secretary, (Washington), April 29 1833, to the Cashier of the Hartford office, form letter receipt for accounts for 1st week of April.”
Type: Letter

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