McKinley, William


1899 rare personal check signed while President



Autograph ID: 6410
Condition: Very good, 1st name in signature is just a tad blurry (extremely minor)
Description: “(1843-1901) Ohio US Rep. & Governor. President 1897-1901, assassinated. Spanish-American War, annexation of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam and American Samoa brought under American control during his presidency.

Partly-printed pink 3 x 7 DS as President, Washington, January 31 1899, completed in another hand, pink with orange vignette in center American Security and Trust Co. of Washington check #436, paying $665.39 to B. P. Watrous, endorsed by Watrous on verso. Paid stamp at right, usual cancellation holes do not affect signature.”
Type: Check

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