McKenna, Joseph


Card signed while McKinley’s Attorney General, served in all 3 Federal Government branches


Autograph ID: 6458
Condition: Very good, teeney spot to left of “J”
Description: “(1843–1926) Associate Justice of 1898–1925. California state legislator 1875–76, US Rep 1885–92, federal circuit judge 1892-97, US Attorney General 1897-98, appointed to the Supreme Court by McKinley. Most notable opinion was in United States v. U.S. Steel Corporation 1920 in which the “rule of reason” principle, asserting that only those combinations that are in unreasonable restraint of trade are illegal, finally triumphed in antitrust cases.

Signed 2 x 3 1/2 card, adds “Atty Genl” under his signature; undated but 1897-98″
Type: Signed Card

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