McDowell, James


1848 ALS as Virginia US Rep to Treasury Secetary Walker


Type: Letter
Description: (1795-1851) 29th Governor of Virginia 1843-46, US Congressman 1846-51.

Graduated Princeton 1817, studied law, admitted to the bar but did not practice. McDowell represented Rockbridge County in the Virginia House of Delegates from the 1830-31 Session  to the 1834-1835 Session and returned for the 1838 Session. He supported the gradual abolition of slavery after Nat Turner’s Insurrection and President Jackson’s proclamation against South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis. A renowned orator, McDowell was elected to a 3-year term as Governor of Virginia serving  1843-46. He was elected as a Democrat to Congress and served 1846-51. He was the brother-in-law of Senator Thomas Hart Benton. McDowell County, West Virginia was formed in 1858 and named in his honor.

10 x 8 ALS, “H. of Representatives” (Washington), May 31 1848, 1-¼ pp (1st & 2nd pages of folded sheet, addressed on 4th page), to Treasury Secretary Robert J. Walker. McDowell gives a glowing letter of recommendation for a Mr. Seabrook of Richmond, a classical teacher at a Virginia college, who seeks employment in the Department.

Robert J. Walker (1801-1869) Mississippi US Senator 1836-45, Secretary of the Treasury 1845-49 (Polk), largely responsible for creation of the Department of Interior 1849. Governor of Kansas Territory 1857-58, US financial agent in Europe 1863-64.

Condition: Very good, mount remnants at left edge

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