Matthews, Stanley & Thurman, Allen G.


Ohio’s 1877-79 Senators, a future Supreme Court Justice and a future VP candidate


Autograph ID: 5231
Condition: Very good
Description: “STANLEY MATTHEWS (1824-1889) Edited Cincinnati Herald 1846-1848, Ohio judge, state senator 1856-57, US Attorney for the So. District of Ohio 1858-61. Lieut. Colonel with 23rd Ohio Infantry in Civil War. Counsel to officials who brokered the Electoral Compromise of 1877. In 1877, Ohio legislature selected him to complete John Sherman's term in the Senate; he did not seek reappointment in 1879. President Hayes nominated him as Associate Justice in 1881. The Senate accused Hayes of cronyism as he and Matthews were Kenyon College classmates, practiced law in Cincinnati, and served as officers in the state infantry; the Senate did not act on the nomination. President Garfield renominated Matthews and the Senate confirmed him by 24-23, narrowest confirmation for a successful Supreme Court nominee in history, and he served on the Court 1881-89. In Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886), Matthews held that the 14th Amendment applied to all persons, citizens and aliens alike. In Ex Parte Crow Dog (1883) he followed precedent established by Chief Justice Marshall of respecting the quasi-sovereign status of American Indian tribes and sought to preserve the authority of tribal law on the reservations. ALLEN G. THURMAN (1813-1895) Ohio US Rep 1845-47, a leader of Ohio’s Peace Democrats during Civil War. US Senator 1869-91, member of Electoral Commission to decide outcome of 1876 Hayes-Tilden election. 1888 Democratic VP candidate with Grover Cleveland.

4 ¾ x 7 ¼ autograph album page signed by Stanley Matthews and Allen G. Thurman, both adding “Ohio” under their signatures. Undated but ca. 1877-79.”
Type: Signed Album Page

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