Lousma, Jack & Fullerton, C. Gordon


Signed 1982 3rd Columbia Space Shuttle flight launch cover



Autograph ID: 2009
Condition: Very good
Description: “Lousma (b. 1936) US astronaut, flew on 1973 Skylab 3 mission and 3rd flight of Space Shuttle Columbia STS-3 March 22-30, 1982. Fullerton (1936-2013) US astronaut, flew on STS-3 and Challenger STS 651-F July 29-Aug. 6, 1985.

US 20c embossed stamped 3 ½ x 6 ½ envelope with cachet commemorating launch of STS-3 with Lousma and Fullerton, postmarked Kennedy Space Center, Fla., March 22 1982, STS-3 launch day. Signed by Lousma & Fullerton.”

Type: Signed Launch Cover

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