Lamar, Lucius Q. C. (ON HOLD)


Drafted Mississippi’s Ordinance of Secession, CSA diplomat, Cleveland’s Interior Secretary, Associate Justice 1888-93


Autograph ID: 6064
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1825-1893) Mississippi US Rep 1857-60 & 1873-77. Lamar retired from the House Dec. 1860 to become a member of the Mississippi Secession Convention. The state’s Ordinance of Secession was drafted by Lamar. CSA envoy to Russia 1862 and special envoy to England and France. US Senator (D) 1877-85, Secretary of the Interior 1885-88 (Cleveland). As Associate Justice 1888-93, wrote pro-business opinions in Kidd v. Pearson (1888) narrowly defining “commerce” as excluding manufacturing, and McCall v. California (1890) protecting interstate commerce from state interference.

Signed 4 x 6 1/4 autograph album page (ca. 1877 while US Senator), adds “Oxford, Miss.” (his home city and state).”
Type: Autograph album page

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