Joliot-Curie, Irene


French physicist, daughter of Pierre & Marie Curie, shared 1935 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her husband



Autograph ID: 2628
Condition: Very good, light mount remnants verso at bottom
Description: “(1897-1956) French physicist, daughter of Pierre & Marie Curie, m. Frédéric Joliot (later Joliot-Curie) 1926. Shared 1935 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with him for their synthesis of new radioactive isotopes of various elements. Contributed to discover of neutron and development of nuclear reactors. Director of Radium Institute 1946-56.

8 ½ x 5 ¼ ALS “Irene” in English, np, Jnauary 4 1926, to Mrs. (Marie Maattingly) Meloney. Miss Curie sends a letter of sympathy on death of Meloney’s husband for whom Irene Curie “…had always the greatest sympathy…among the people whose personality inspires sympathy for their country…”, and she “…shall always remember the pleasure I had to talk with him.”

She married Frederic Joliot later that year and both subsequently merged their last names.

Marie Mattingly Meloney (1878-1943) American journalist and editor. In 1895 became a reporter for the Washington Post, then chief of the Washington bureau of the Denver Post in 1897 at age 18. In 1900 moved to NYC working briefly for the World, the Herald, and the Sun (1901–04), to which she contributed a column called “Men About Town.” M. William B. Meloney, an editor on the Sun June 1904 and retired to domestic life for a decade. Edited Woman’s Magazine 1914-20, associate editor of Everybody’s 1917-20, edited the Delineator 1921-26. In her position as a women’s magazine editor, promoted campaigns for relief for postwar Europe (for which she was decorated by France and Belgium), and cancer research, toward which she raised $100,000 to purchase a gram of radium for Marie Curie in 1921. Named editor of the Sunday magazine of the New York Herald Tribune 1926, and in 1930 organized the first annual Herald Tribune Forum on Current Problems, prestigious event that drew statesmen from around the world. In 1935 became editor of This Week, experimental Sunday magazine published by the Herald Tribune and distributed with it and other newspapers around the country, reaching circulation of six million, resigned 1942.

William B. Meloney (1878-1925) journalist, playwright, author, soldier, man of the sea. Briefly jailed as young man for attempting to restore Queen Liliuokalani to Hawaiian throne, San Francisco and NYC newsman, aide to NYC mayors Gayner and Mitchell. In WW I, served as an artillery officer in France, gassed in Meuse-Argonne offensive. Became shipping expert and author, wrote history of shipping, “The Heritage of Tyre” (praised by Joseph Conrad and railroad tycoon James B. Hill).”
Type: Letter

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