Johnson, Richard Mentor


Check handwritten a year & a day before his election as VP by the Senate


Autograph ID: 1104
Condition: Very good, few cancellation slashes, one (repaired verso) mildly affecting part of signature
Description: “(1781-1850) Kentuckian, served under William Henry Harrison in the War of 1812 in lower Canada, reputed to have killed Tecumseh at 1813 Battle of the Thames. Kentucky US Rep 1807-19, Senator 1819-37. 1st Vice President elected by Senate (Feb. 8, 1837), no candidate having received a majority of the electoral vote, served 1837-41. Unsuccessful 1840 Democratic VP candidate.

2 ½ x 7 ¾ ADS “Rh M Johnson”, Washington, February 7 1836, handwritten check paying $700 to “office bus or bearer” while Senator.”
Type: Check

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