Johnson, Lyndon B.


Early TLS as VP hoping to attend a luncheon for the Washington Senators


Autograph ID: 7094
Condition: Very good, tiny holes at the “o” in 5 words as a result of heavy typewriter strokes. Name “Hoffman” inked at top right in unknown hand.
Description: “(1908-1973) Texas US Senator & Senate Majority Leader, VP 1961-63, succeeded to presidency on assassination of JFK; US President 1961-69. Noted for Vietnam War and “Great Society” domestic programs.

TLS on 9 x 7 blue-printed “Office of the Vice President” letterhead with seal at top, Washington, March 2 1961 (41 days after his inauguration as JFK’s VP), to Barnee Breeskin, Washington. Johnson appreciates being asked to a luncheon for the Washington Senators, then the local American League baseball team, and hopes to come barring unforeseen circumstances. The 1961 season for Washington’s new (the Senators were moved to Minnesota to become the Twins) Senators was the last season at Washington’s old Griffith Stadium.

BARNEE BREESKIN (1910-1989) Led the orchestra at the Shoreham Hotel’s Blue Room 1930-56, and in 1938 wrote and obtained copyright for the music for “Hail to the Redskins”, the football team’s “fight song”. He was a long-time Washington public relations executive and organized many charitable benefits.”
Type: Letter

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