Humphrey, Hubert H.


Lovely large inscribed official portrait while VP to a retiring congresswoman


Type: Photograph
Description: (1911-1978) 38th US Vice President under Lyndon Johnson (1965-69), Minnesota US Senator 1949-64 & 1971-78, 1968 Democratic Party presidential nominee, lost to Richard Nixon.

Humphrey helped found the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) in 1944, and served as Minneapolis  mayor 1945-48. He co-founded the liberal anti-Communist Americans for Democratic Action in 1947. He was elected to the Senate in 1948, the year his proposal of ending racial segregation was included in the Democratic National Convention platform, where he gave one of his most notable speeches, suggesting Democratic Party “walk into the sunshine of human rights.”

He served the Senate 1949-64 and was Democratic Majority Whip 1961-64. He was lead author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and introduced the 1st initiative to create the Peace Corps. He ran for President in the 1952 & 1960 Democratic primaries. When LBJ assumed the Presidency after the assassination of President Kennedy, he chose Humphrey as his running mate, and they won the 1964 election in a landslide.

When Johnson announced he would not seek reelection in March 1968, Humphrey launched his campaign for the presidency, his main Democratic challengers were anti-Vietnam War Senators Eugene McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy. Humphrey, loyal to the Administration’s policies on the Vietnam War as VP, was opposed by many in his own party and avoided primaries to focus on winning delegates from non-primary states at the Democratic Convention. His strategy succeeded in clinching the nomination, and he chose Senator Edmund Muskie as his running mate. With the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy that year, and heightened opposition to the Vietnam War, the Chicago Convention saw major protests which later proved costly to his campaign, and he lost to Richard Nixon in the election. He returned to teaching in Minnesota before returning to the Senate in 1971. He became the 1st Senate Deputy President pro tempore and served until his 1978 death from bladder cancer.

14 x 11 b&w seated portrait of VP Humphrey, US flag over his right shoulder, official portrait by Kurt Japay of Denver. At the bottom white margin, Humphrey pens: “To a distinguished American and gracious lady,/ Congresswoman Edna Kelly – with/warm regards and friendship/ [signed]”. Mounted to same size white board.

Edna F. Kelly (1906-1997) NY US Rep (D) 1949-69, delegate to the 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960 & 1968 Democratic National Conventions. She spoke for the nomination of NY Gov. W. Averill Harriman at the 1956 convention and seconded his nomination. Recognized for her expertise in foreign affairs, she chaired the Subcommittee on Europe and retired as 3rd ranking member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Kelly was responsible for measures that settled displaced people after WW II and refugees from Russia and East Europe. She helped create the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and advocated women’s and social issues, drawing attention to inequities in pay, credit and tax policy, and what she considered inadequate deductions for child care. This culminated in passage of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code. She is credited with promoting the 1st equal pay for equal work bill, which she introduced in 1951, and was in attendance when President Kennedy signed the 1963 Equal Pay Act.

Condition: Very good

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