Hull, Cordell


Signed slip while FDR’s Secretary of State, 1945 Nobel Peace Prize laureate


Autograph ID: 7049
Condition: Very Good, slight black residue at top corners
Description: “(1871-1955) Tennessee politician and longest-serving Secretary of State (1933-44) under FDR during most of WW II. He received the 1945 Nobel Prize for Peace for his role in establishing the United Nations and was referred to by President Roosevelt as the ” Father of the United Nations”. A lawyer, he was elected to the Tennessee state legislature and served in Cuba in the Spanish-American War. Tenn. US Rep. 1907-21 & 1923-31, as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, helped pass the Revenue Act of 1913 and the Revenue Act of 1916, which implemented the federal income tax and federal estate tax. 1921-24 chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he was a presidential candidate at the 1928 Democratic National Convention. Hull won election to the Senate in 1930, resigning in 1933 to become Secretary of State. Roosevelt and Hull pursued the Good Neighbor Policy which sought to avoid U.S. intervention in Latin American Affairs. In the aftermath of Mexican agrarian reforms, he developed the Hull Doctrine as a way to compensate foreign investors after nationalization. In November 1941, he presented the Hull Note to Japan demanding their withdrawal from French Indochina and China. In 1943, Hull and his staff drafted the document that became the United Nations Charter. He resigned as Secretary of State due to poor health in 1944. In 1945, Hull was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “co-initiating the United Nations”.
Frameable 2 ¼ x 3 ¾ signed printed “AUTOGRAPH” slip, “GPO 38965” printed below, undoubtedly while Secretary of State.”
Type: Signed slip

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