Hoover, J. Edgar


1956 Letter as FBI Director expressing sympathy to the widow of a prominent conservative, anti-communist labor leader


Type: Letter
Description: (1895-1972) Controversial and legendary 1st FBI Director 1924-72, known for chasing gangsters, Nazis and Communists.

TLS on 10 ½ x 8 letterhead as FBI Director, Washington, June 4 1956, to Mrs. Matthew Woll, NYC. Director Hoover was distressed to learn of her husband’s passing, extends sympathy on her loss, and  praises her husband’s contributions and service to the labor movement.

Matthew Woll (1880-1956) International Photo-Engravers Union of North America (IPEU) President 1906-29, American Federation of Labor (AFL) VP 1919-55, AFL-CIO VP 1955-56. A lifelong Republican and one of the most conservative US labor leaders, he was a vitrioloic anti-Communist. He was a confidant of AFL Presidents Samuel Gompers and William Green, who found a kindred anti-Communist in Woll, and the two became close. During WW II, Woll served on the National War Labor Board. Later, he served as a consultant to the United Nations on trade union issues, and was instrumental in working with Eleanor Roosevelt to incorporate language protecting the right to form and/or join a union into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Condition: Very good

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