Hoover, Herbert


1932 White House TLS as “lame duck” president, thanks an Idaho GOP committeewoman for her campaign work – FDR carried the state!



Type: Letter

Description: (1874-1964) Mining engineer 1895-1913 in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Secretary of Commerce 1921-28 (Harding-Coolidge), President of the US 1929-33. His administration was completely overshadowed by the ravages of The Great Depression.

TLS as  “lame duck” President on 9 x 7 green, blue-imprinted “The White House/Washington” letterhead, December 5 1932, to Mrs.Rose R. Gilgan, Republican State Committee, Boise, Idaho. President Hoover deeply appreciates her work and that of the Republican women in the campaign, stating: “You made an effective presentation to the people of the high ideals and sound policies of the party. It is that which will ensure its return to power.” Hoover sends his “warm personal gratitude” to her.

FDR won Idaho with 58.66% of the popular vote and he was inaugurated 3 months later. The Republican Party would next win The White House back in 1952, 20 years later.

Condition: Very good

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