Hoffman, John T.


Signature of the New York City Mayor 1866-68, NY Governor 1869-72, ties to Boss Tweed ruined further ambitions


Autograph ID: 7011
Condition: Very good, some light stray ink marks
Description: “(1828-1888) New York City Recorder 1861-65, Mayor of New York City 1866-68, 23rd Governor of New York 1869-72. Connections to the Tweed Ring ruined his political career, in spite of absence of evidence to show his involvement in corrupt activities. Union College 1846, admnitted to the Bar 1849, practiced law in New York City. When elected mayor in 1865, reformers had high hopes for him. He was elected governor in 1868 aided by Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. That Hoffman was aided by Tweed, and his voter majority was so large for that time, was taken as proof that he was a member of the Tweed Ring. While Tweed frequently saw Hoffman in Albany on various votes and projects, it was no more than any other major Democrat in New York State. They worked harmoniously together, and Tweed aided Hoffman’s 1870 re-election. Shortly afterwards a new charter was enacted which gave more local autonomy to New York City. Such reform had been discussed for decades, but Tweed and Hoffman brought it to fruition. With Tweed’s corruption was revealed in the press, the new Charter was discredited as being planned for more municipal corruption. Hoffman was also considering a run for the presidency in 1872, and Tweed was to be his manager. The Tweed scandals wrecked his chances and the nomination was eventually split between Democrats supporting Horace Greeley and those supporting New York attorney Charles O’Conor.

Autograph Sentiment (“Very truly yours”) Signed on a 2 x 5 ½ fragment of an autograph album page, (Washington), (1878).”
Type: Autog. Sentiment Signed

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