Hendricks, Thomas A.


Tilden’s 1876 running mate, Grover Cleveland’s Vice President, died in 1885 after 8 1/2 months in office


Type: Signature
Description: (1819-1885) Indiana lawyer and politician, Indiana US Rep 1851-55, General Land Office Commissioner 1855-59, US Senator 1863-69, Governor 1873-77, US Vice President 1885.

A popular fiscally conservative Democrat known for his honesty and adherence to the Constitution, he defended the Democratic position in the Senate during the Civil War and Reconstruction, voting against the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. He opposed Radical Reconstruction and President Johnson’s removal following his impeachment in the House of Representatives.

Admitted to the Indiana bar 1843, began law practice in Shelbyville, to Indianapolis 1860. His law firm was one of the state’s leading law firms. He ran for governor 3 times, won only once in 1872 by a margin of 1,148 votes. Hendricks was Democratic candidate for US Vice president with NY governor Samuel Tilden in the controversial 1876 presidential election. Although they won the popular vote, Tilden and Hendricks lost the election by one vote in the Electoral College to Republican R. B. Hayes and his running mate, William A. Wheeler. Despite poor health, Hendricks accepted his party’s nomination for VP in 1884 as Grover Cleveland’s running mate. They won the election, but Hendricks only served as VP from March 4 until his death on Nov. 25, 1885.

1 1/4 x 3 signature clipped from a free frank as US Senator.

Condition: Very good, , few slight age spots

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