Hayward, Thomas B.


1979 TLS as Chief of Naval Operations to the Army War College Commandant, hoping to remedy reduction of Navy participation at Service Colleges


Autograph ID: 6795
Condition: Very good, ink dockets top right
Description: “(b. 1924) USNA 1947, Chief of Naval Operations 1978-82. Shortly after US entry into WW II, he enlisted in the Navy V-5 aviation program and called to active duty as a naval aviation cadet in 1943, anticipating that he would shortly be flying combat in the South Pacific. However, halfway through flight training, he was accepted to USNA, graduated from the Academy in 1947. In 1949, he returned to flight training receiving his wings July 1950. He was an aircraft carrier pilot in the Korean War then a Navy test pilot, a lead instructor in the forerunner to Top Gun and a fighter squadron commander. In 1965-66, as Commander Carrier Air Wing Ten (CW-10), he flew 36 combat missions in Vietnam, flying from the deck of USS Intrepid, receiving the Legion of Merit and 3 Air Medals. As a captain, Hayward returned to Vietnam as CO of the USS Graffias and later as CO of the USS America, for which he was awarded the Legion of Merit. Before his appointment as CNO, he was C-in-C Pacific Fleet 1976-78, Commander of the US 7th Fleet 1975-76. As Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Hayward is best remembered for his "Pride in the Navy" priority: the emphasis on rebuilding readiness of both active and reserve forces; restoring priority in mine warfare; and his success in the zero tolerance "Not in my Navy" drug program.

TLS “Tom Hayward” as Admiral, US Navy on 10 ½ x 7 ¼ letterhead as Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, July 2 1979, to General DeWitt C. Smith Jr., Army War College Commandant on Navy participation at the US War College. Adm. Hayward notes that “an unfortunate and almost critical shortage of officers with the appropriate grade and experience” has caused the reduction of Navy participation at Service Colleges. However, at least 5 students will attend in the 1979-80 academic year, additional quotas filled as feasible but a continued imbalance in the seminar program is likely. He also is acting to correct late notice of orders to naval officers to attend the Army War College.

DeWITT C. SMITH,JR. (1920 -1985) US Army officer, former deputy Army Chief of Staff, twice (and longest-serving) Army War College commandant 1974 -77, 1978-80. Joined the Army 1942, commissioned 2nd lieutenant, with the 4th Armored Div. in combat after Normandy to the end of the War. Wounded 3 times, awarded Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, and 3 Purple Hearts. Discharged 1946, returned to active duty in Korea and stayed in the military. He was an aide to Chief of Staff Maxwell Taylor, served in the "Old Guard" at Fort Myer, a battalion XO and commander in Germany. He served at the Pentagon before going to the Army War College. Led a combat brigade of the 1st Infantry in Vietnam. In 1970, under his leadership, Fort Carson, Colo. was made an initial test site for the modern volunteer Army concept. After his stints at the War College, he retired in 1980.”

Type: Letter

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