Hayes Cabinet: Evarts, William M.; Sherman, John; McCrary. George W; Key, Donald M.; Schurz, Carl; Devens, Charles (ON HOLD)


Signatures of 6 of the 7 members of President Hayes’ 1878 Cabinet



Autograph ID: 7044
Condition: Very good, sheet with Evarts, Sherman and McCrary has toning at right edge, both sheets have soiling and handling spotting
Description: “William Evarts, Secretary of State 1877-81; John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury 1877-81; George W. McCrary, Secretary of War 1877-79; Donald M. Key, Postmaster General 1877-80; Carl Schurz, Secretary of the Interior 1877-81, and Charles Devens, Attorney General 1877-81.

Two 8 ¾ x 5 ¼ autograph album pages, each page signed by 3 members of Hayes’ 1878 Cabinet, including: one signed by William Evarts (Secretary of State), John Sherman (as Treasury Secretary), and George M. McCrary as Secretary of War; and one signed by D. M. Key as Postmaster General, Carl Schurz (Interior Secretary), and Charles Devens as Attorney General. The only one missing at this time in Hayes’ administration is Navy Secretary Richard W. Thompson. Others who served at other times in Hayes’ Cabinet, not here, are: Alexander Ramsey (War, 1879-81), Horace Maynard (Postmaster General, 1880-81), and Nathan Goff (Navy, 1881).”
Type: Signed Album Pages

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